Find God in Silence

By Lane P. Jordan:

Sometimes we find God best in silence.


Image: photostock /

Image: photostock /

Today was like any other day at church.  We sat in our usual spot.  We sang songs.  The collection plate was passed around.  And then nothing happened.

No one went up to the platform.  People moved uncomfortably in their seats.

And then, on the big video screens, were words.  Words typed into the system by the pastor.

He started typing the sermon he wanted us to feel, not hear.

You see, we all have too much noise in our life, he wrote. Too much going on.  From work to chores to school to family to drama to problems, our lifestyles cause us too much noise.

We need to ask ourselves:  Are we so busy that we can’t find God in our daily lives?

Are you so busy that you are missing the voice of God?

How are we going hear God when He speaks if we aren’t listening?

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

God tells us to be still.  To be quiet.  So we can hear His voice.

This Sunday, I found God in that silence.  And what was even more remarkable, I found joy coming out from my Spirit.  It was as if all the unimportant things stopped and the important part of being with God was heard and felt.

Why not stop right now and listen for the voice of God in your life?

Enjoy this video with Dr. Charles Stanley, on how to teach yourself and your kids to listen to God:

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Finding God On the Way to Church

By Karen O’Connor :

Church photo by Earl53I would expect to communicate with God while attending a church service but I’ve been finding God on the way to church, as well. As my husband and I drive through our neighborhood and then ease onto the freeway, I start thinking about what’s ahead. I anticipate the worship songs, the sermon, the fellowship afterwards with friends, and the warm and close feeling I have with God during and after the service. There is something wonderful about this community experience.

At such times I also think about the people who are spending their Saturday night or Sunday morning going to the beach, playing golf, enjoying brunch at a favorite restaurant or crashing in front of the TV for a football game. I wish they were going to church too, being uplifted by God’s Word in the Bible, joining in singing praise songs, and receiving prayer when needed. Maybe one day I’ll meet some of them. I was in their ‘camp’ for many years myself—playing tennis on Sunday mornings during the years when church was the last place I wanted to be.

But today I connect with the Lord in many different ways. Finding God on the way to church is just one of them. As the Psalmist writes in Psalm 95:6:

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.


You can also click here: Psalm 95:6  to have it read aloud to you.

If you don’t attend church regularly, what is holding you back, and what might you be missing?

See  this video: Reasons People Don’t Go to Church to find out:

If you do enjoy church, can you Comment on why?

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