Finding God in the Storms of Life

According to the new book, When You Can’t Find God, How to Ignite the Power of His Presence (Revell,) not only are people finding God in the storms of life, they are thriving in the midst of those storms. The book’s author, Linda Evans Shepherd, knows the secrets to weathering life’s storms.  She survived a horrific car cash that hurled her baby into the freeway. It was a year later before her baby woke up from coma, only to face a life of severe disabilities.  But despite it all, Linda, her daughter, and family thrive. How is this even possible? Perhaps it’s in the lessons Linda learned about God in her journey through heartache.

Beverly Dillow, in Christian Retailing Today, says, “Many people think it isn’t fair to have difficulties, but Shepherd reminds us that if God’s own son didn’t get through life without pain and difficulties, why do we expect to do so?”

The book’s website, says, “Linda shows readers how to see God in any circumstance, even when it’s hard.” 

So what are Linda’s secrets to thriving in the storms of life? Whitney Hopler, summarized them in

    • Give your troubles to God.
    • Stand against evil.
    • Pray against strife.
    • Pray for breakthroughs.
    • Pray for trust.
    • Pray for grace and favor.
    • Pray for hope and healing.
    • Pray for peace.
    • Find joy.
On the point, ‘Find Joy,’ Whitney summerizes Linda’s teaching,  “Decide to worship God no matter what you happen to go through at any particular moment, because God is worthy of your worship all the time, simply for who He is. The more you focus on worshipping God, the more you’ll become aware of His presence with you, and the  more that will bring you joy so that you can overcome even the most troubling circumstances.”  To see more of Whitney’s summaries of Linda’s teachings, click HERE.

Beverly Dillow in Christian Retailing wrote of When You Can’t Find God, “This is an encouraging book that can be used in a group, as it contains a “Bible Study and Discussion Guide” in the back.”

Author and reviewer Pamela Sonnenmoser is quoted on the book’s Amazon page as saying, “From the first page to the last, Shepherd’s transparency and heart for the Lord is evident. She speaks directly to the heart of the reader in a tender, compassionate manner, leading us toward hope and peace in our lives. What I love the most about this book, is that Shepherd does not mollycoddle the reader. This is not just another feel-good book, although after reading it, I don’t know how anyone could feel less than great about their walk with Jesus and their life in general.”
So, perhaps the secret of finding God in the storms of life, is to do as Linda says when she encourages, “It’s time to stop striving, it’s time to seek God, cast our burdens on him, follow his lead, and rest in him when it comes to the results.”
To see When You Can’t Find God, How to Ignite the Power of His Presence’s book trailer, watch below:
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