Finding God in a Teen Room Makeover (Book Review)

By  Karen O’Connor:

Sherry Kyle helped her daughters with a teen room makeover — and they ended up finding God in inner makeovers too.


Dream Room

The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room by Sherry Kyle

“Mom, can I please have my own room?”

The desperate look on my friend Sherry’s daughter’s face gripped Sherry’s heart. As a mom, she wanted to do whatever she could to give Brittany her own space. It wasn’t working out for her to share a room with her sister who was four years younger. The two were at odds with one another all the time.

“My nerves were on edge,” said Sherry, “waiting for the next fight to erupt.”

Little did she know at the time, however, that she would find God in a teen room makeover.

This creative mother loves to find solutions to problems that seem impossible so she went into research mode. After a bit of imaginative thinking, and plenty of prayer, Sherry came up with a workable solution.

“By placing a track rod on the ceiling and hanging paneled curtains, it split the room in half, dividing the space equally. Next, we painted the entire room a bright neutral color and purchased a second loft bed so my girls could each have a place to sleep and study. Then the fun part came––picking out separate comforters, rugs, lamps, and accessories to complement each daughter’s color scheme.”

During the process, the Holy Spirit nudged Sherry to teach her daughters “the importance of having an inner makeover as well as a room makeover—such as learning to speak kindly to one another, live humbly, and serve generously, to name a few.” Later on several occasions, the sisters pushed the curtains aside to talk to each other.

“I loved hearing the chatter and laughter, knowing they were spending time together,” said Sherry. “A little separation did wonders for their relationship—and for my sanity.” And in the process they all found God in the room makeover.

In addition, Sherry wrote a book on the topic of teen room makeovers.  The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room, for girls ages 8-12, (Legacy Press, 2013) gives girls and moms all the information they need to update the girls’ space! Filled with quizzes, stories, crafts, and tips, this book encourages girls to design a room that’s tailor made—just for them. Check it out. You can also find out more about Sherry and her other books at her website: Sherry Kyle: ReConnecting Faith and Fiction.

And for more help, see this YouTube video with ideas to help teens and tweens give their rooms a makeover: 125 Cute Bedrooms Ideas For Teenage Girls


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