Find God in The Moses Quilt, Interracial Marriage and Harriet Tubman

By Laurie Winslow Sargent:

Mazie and Edward are in love, yet will a mystery in Mazie’s ancestral past prevent their interracial marriage?

Will the story of Harriet Tubman, told through images in the Moses quilt, save or unravel their relationship?

Will they find God–a deeper relationship with Him–in the process?

The Moses Quilt, by Kathi Macias (Publisher: New Hope)

The Moses Quilt, by Kathi Macias (Publisher: New Hope)

A Book Review in honor of Black History Month and Harriet Tubman

When a package with The Moses Quilt arrived in my mailbox, I was eager to get my nose into it.  I’m a big fan of most anything written by Kathi Macias. She tends to tackle unusual topics in her novels–from sex-trafficking to modern day martyrs, so I knew the Moses Quilt would be more than just about a quilt.

In the novel, family on both sides–Edwards parents and sister, and Mazie’s mom and great-grandmother, are all supportive of Edward and Mazie’s relationship. Only Mazie hangs back, and even she is not sure why. She suspects, however, that with her great-grandmother having been born and raised in the deep south, there may be something very uncomfortable–perhaps insurmountable–in her family history. She is almost afraid to find out. How did her ancestors deal with the issue of slavery? And if something truly awful is uncovered, will Edward want nothing to do with her?

Mazie’s great-grandma, in segments (as her health is failing) tells Mazie and Edward the amazing story of Harriet Tubman using the treasured Moses quilt. They are fascinated, but also wonder if there is a personal connection between them and the mysterious quilt.

I was already in awe of the work of Harriet Tubman–what courage and determination she had! But I learned much more about her, right along with Mazie and Edward.  I love to learn new things–and gain some new perspective about life or history, in the midst of good storytelling.

The story characters’ Christian faith was well embedded in their lives and portrayed very naturally, and the references to Harriet Tubman’s faith in Christ was an inspiration to me.

I appreciate the author, Kathi Macias, in her taking me along on this new, interesting and fun ride.  I also enjoyed the physical treatment of the book by her publisher, New Hope. I’m sure the ebook is a good read as well (and I love my Kindle), but somehow holding this paperback with it’s lovely colors and inside graphics helped put me in the moment, as if I were also hearing the story from Great-Grandma Mimi and seeing the quilt. I found myself looking back to the cover often as I read, and enjoying the dove-shaped graphics separating the pages. I think this story really benefited from this lovely physical treatment.

Interested in following the path of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad?  Click HERE to find a great brochure with a driving tour (or virtual tour), with The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway  or go to the Maryland Eastern Shore for the 100th year celebration of her life, March 8-10 2013;  Centennial Events in Harriet Tubman’s Homeland.

Enjoy this book trailer for The Moses Quilt and the other books in Kathi’s new quilt fiction series:


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Finding a Christmas Miracle in a Book Cover

[SUN CITY, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012 /Christian Newswire] When bestselling novelist Kathi Macias was working on her book Unexpected Christmas Heroshe never expected to find a Christmas miracle in her book cover, but that’s exactly what happened.

When Kathi finished her manuscript and handed it over to her editor, photographer and designer Michael Lê was assigned the task of finding a homeless man who fit the physical representation of Macias’ character. Lê and wife Christine were in Ashville, North Carolina last Christmas when they stopped their car and asked a homeless man by the name of Willard Parker if he would be willing to pose for some pictures.

Parker agreed. He also began to reveal glimpses into his own sad story. He lost his house.  He lost touch with his daughters and grandchildren. He said his life had not turned out the way he’d hoped. Now destitute, he was walking the streets and looking for the next place to find a hot meal and a bed. He told Lê, how he longed to see his daughters but had no idea where they were or how that could happen.

When Macias heard the story, she prayed the cover would help reunite father and family. Unexpected Christmas Hero released in mid-October and fell into the hands of a woman who knew Willard’s 26-year-old daughter, Amber. The mother of his 2 and 5-year-old grandchildren, Amber went online and found the cover of the book. It was indeed her dad. She wept.  But where was he? How could she find him? Where does one find a homeless person who keeps moving from town to town?

Driving near Ashville North Carolina, Willard’s estranged wife unexpectedly spotted him walking down the sidewalk and picked him up. Willard has acute leukemia and is not in good health but kept talking about getting the family back together. He says, “When I had my picture taken for the book cover, all I wanted was for it to help me get back with my family. It worked, and I’m really grateful.”

Amber is equally as excited. “I’m so happy. I can’t wait to be together again,” she says. “You never know how long you have on this earth and all he [my dad] wants is his family together.” Since the reunion by phone with daughters Amber and Rebecca (Willard is now in Toledo, Ohio), both are eager to see their dad and bring this unexpected Christmas miracle to fruition.

Kathi is now trying to help Willard’s family with travel expenses so they can be united. She has set up a Go Get Funding project that will accept contributions to help make this happen.  You can help by clicking HERE.

To watch a book trailer about Kathi’s book, watch the video below:

Also enjoy this mention of  Unexpected Christmas Hero and other titles. See more from the FamilyFiction YouTube channel!



How Do I Find God? Kathi’s Story: a Vision of Jesus

For some who ask, “How do I find God?”,  He provides a vision: clarifying exactly who He is. Jesus revealed to Kathi exactly what he had done for her. . . and for you as well.


By Kathi Macias:

 I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, though we all (with the exception of my then avowed-atheist dad) considered ourselves Christians.

My mom, after all, had been raised in the Catholic Church and still dropped in on occasion. And besides, we lived in America, which was a Christian nation, so what else could we be…right?

My dad’s mother, whom we called Omi, truly was a believer. She had been orphaned in Germany at the age of ten and then went to live with a Lutheran pastor and his wife. It was there she learned about Jesus—“Yesus,” as she called Him—and later taught her children and grandchildren the importance of having “Yesus” in our hearts.

Thanks in great part to Omi’s faithful prayers, my mother and two brothers came to know Jesus in the late ’60s and early ’70s, leaving only my dad and me as the “holdouts.” Since I already believed in God and accepted the basic tenets of the Christian Church, I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and why I still had to accept “Yesus” into my heart.

Then, on July 5, 1974, with my personal life in shambles and living 1,000 miles away from my parents, I called my mom to see if I could come home.

“Of course you can,” she said. “But that’s not the answer. What you really need is Jesus.”

I sighed. We were back to the same answer again. Whether “Yesus” or Jesus, that seemed to be the only response I could get when I called home.

Before we hung up Mom made me promise to pray. I said I would, and when I got off the phone I kept my promise and fell to my knees beside the bed. It was then I saw myself standing in a great crowd of people. We were on a dusty road, and the people were crying and yelling, and craning their necks to see something. I looked in the same direction to try to discover the object of their interest. And there, stumbling down the road toward me, came Jesus, carrying His cross. I could see the blood, the sweat—and yes, the tears—as He came near. I too was crying by the time He drew even with me. Then He stopped and looked past everyone else, straight into my eyes, and spoke five words that forever changed my life: “I did it for you.”

Suddenly the pieces of the religious puzzle I’d never understood before fell into place. Jesus hadn’t simply died for the sins of the world—though He had certainly done that—but He had died for me, for my sins! Now it was personal.

I turned my life over to Him at that moment, joyfully receiving His forgiveness and love, and I have never had a moment of regret. Oh, it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been wonderful because I knew my hand was held by the nail-scarred hand of the One who had gone to the Cross—for me!

 Kathi Macias ( is an award-winning author of 40 books, including the 2011 Golden Scrolls Novel of the Year and Carol Award Finalist, Red Ink. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Al, where she is affectionately known as “Easy Writer.” Kathi writes fiction revealing the trials and faith of persecuted Christians in various countries, and about human trafficking.

Are you wondering, “How do I find God?” He is right there with you, simply waiting for you to recognize him and ask Him to come into your life. Still have questions about the Christian faith? Visit

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