Finding God in Space: In the movie Gravity

By Lane Jordan:

The movie Gravity reminded me of how God amazingly created earth and space.

earth image from NASA used at Finding God Daily

The earth seen from Apollo 13: Image from NASA

Have you ever wondered where we really are in space?Where is earth compared to all the other stars and planets?  Are we in the right spot or are we just floating around?

Looking out at the stars on a clear night, I have felt so tiny, so alone and isolated. Space is so extremely vast.I remember as a child wondering if there was life “out there”.  I also wondered if there really was a God. 

I just saw the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.They are astronauts, who tumble into deep space after a shuttle mishap. My heart was literally in my throat as they tried to get back together as well as back to the ship.  And again, I felt that we are so insignificant compared to all of space.Could a God really create this beautiful earth and its inhabitants? 

But I was in awe throughout the whole movie.The view of earth from space was so beautiful with all its swirls of blue and white.And it made me realize: all of this had to have been created. And it was created by God.It made me realize how great our God is!He created such beauty as well as such vastness of space and time.  How could anyone go into space without seeing the works of a Creator?

And then, without giving away too much of the movie, I fell in love with the scene when Sandra isn’t alone anymore.God saw her in distress and answered her prayer, even when she didn’t pray.He knew her need and was there for her.Even in the vastness of space.

And the last few scenes, when she starts smiling and is ready to start her life again?Ah, that’s nothing more than someone finding God.It happens every day.Even in space.

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Curious about the movie Gravity? Here’s the YouTube trailer from Warner Bros.:

Oh, and in case watching this trailer made you feel anxious, here’s something now to relax you!

Kick the Worrying Habit, Live Longer, Find God by Dianne Neal Matthews

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