Finding God in the Courage to Follow Him

Photo of Francis Chan used by permission from Wikipedia

What would be be like to to do exactly what God is calling you to do? That’s apparently the question megachurch pastor Francis Chan has been contemplating for a while; the question of finding God in the courage to follow him.

Still, when Chan, the best-selling author of Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God, announced his decision to leave Corner Stone Community Church in Simi Valley, California, he shocked his congregation. According to Relevant Magazine (RM), Chan said,

    “Lisa [my wife] and I believe God is calling us out now, that He is sending us out to do something new, something that scares us, something that’s a step of faith,” Chan told his church when he resigned.

What is he going to go? Chan isn’t certain, which is why he’s taken to exploring the innercity of San Franciso, New York, and Los Angelos, trying to discern where God is calling him to minister to the poor. Though he isn’t certain of the details, Chan wants to be faithful to the call. RM reports that Chan said this isn’t a new feeling—it’s a conviction he’s been wrestling with for years, but he’s just recently had the courage to speak up about it.

“There’s always been this core conviction that something’s not right,” Chan says. “Now I want to express it and live it and go, ‘Now I feel like I’m living in congruence with the whole New Testament, like I just feel at peace.’ And maybe I’m dreaming, but I gotta go for it.”

Chan is couragious, and he’s one to not just teach the walk, he’s walking it in faith. He is finding God in the courage to follow him, no matter where that journey should take him.

To see video clip of Francis Chan talk about courage, watch below.

To see original article about Francis Chan in Relevant Magazine, click HERE.

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