Finding God’s Help in Anxiety Attacks (Panic Attacks)

By Ava Pennington:

Experiencing anxiety attacks? Don’t panic! Seek God and find His help.


God trustful merciful


I had worked my way up the corporate ladder until I reached the position of Vice President, Human Resources for a financial services company in New York City. My job included responsibility for employees both in and outside the United States. The position required travel to destinations such as Mexico City, London, Caracas, and cities across the United States.

The job was everything I wanted…until the attacks started. My desire to be in constant control, including control of my surroundings, produced bouts of severe anxiety. Alone in unfamiliar hotel rooms, waves of fear engulfed me late at night as I fought to maintain calm.

I tried everything I could think of. I prayed. I read the Bible. I made lists of Scripture verses dealing with the subject of fear. I memorized those verses. Nothing worked. If anything, the anxiety attacks increased in frequency and intensity. I was a Christian – how could this be happening to me? I desperately wanted to be like David when he wrote, “In God I trust and am not afraid” (Psalm 56:4 NIV).

Finally, I asked myself one question. If the God of the universe is trustworthy enough for me to place my eternal soul in His hands, how could I not trust Him for the next five minutes? And the five minutes after that? And then the five minutes after that?

I watched the clock – minute by minute – as I asked myself that question over and over and over again. I reminded myself of God’s attributes of love, mercy, and compassion, as well as His attributes of strength, sovereignty, and trustworthiness. The anxiety attacks diminished, and finally disappeared, as I rested in the realization that the God of creation can be trusted for eternity and for today.

With me, find God as you trust Him, one minute at a time, regardless of your circumstances.

 Ava Pennington teaches a Bible Study Fellowship class. She is also the author of Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional, published by Revell Books and endorsed by Kay Arthur.

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