Finding God on a Prayer Walk with a Spouse

By Karen O’Connor:

A prayer walk every morning with my husband sweetened our faith in God and our marriage relationship.


prayer walk

At one time, mornings at our house were a blur of busyness. My husband and I would jump out of bed, shower, dress, eat, scan the newspaper, then rush off to work–Charles to his job and me to my home office down the hall from the kitchen. This went on for months–until we both realized we were missing an important part of our life–starting our day by praying together. It was then we decided to get up an hour earlier than usual and get out of the house where there would be no distractions. We began taking early morning walks and then stopping at a park bench and praying. The practice of combining physical and spiritual exercise invigorated our relationship immediately as we began finding God on a prayer walk.


An additional bonus awaited us, however. Our prayer walks gradually led to a deeper, more intimate understanding of one another.


Over time, I realized that the fruit of our prayer walks was not only evident to us but to our family and friends, as well.  Other people commented when they came into our home that they could feel the love.


The more we prayed the more we were able to embrace those around us–to see their needs beyond our own, and to include them in our prayers.


Simple, committed prayer has now become an essential part of our daily routine. On days when we can’t go outside due to rain, for example, or illness, we still pray together–in bed before we get up, or at the breakfast table before we go off to work, or if one of us is out of town–we connect by phone when we can.


Perhaps best of all is the simplicity of our communication with God and with ourselves. We’ve been stripped of our pretenses. No more fancy ‘word feasts,’ no self-conscious mumblings, no rattling on for the sake of hearing ourselves speak. Like Clement of Alexandria we’ve discovered through experience that “prayer is conversation with God.”

You too can find God on a prayer walk. Try it and see.

Enjoy this informative and entertaining YouTube video on prayer walking.


©Karen O’Connor. Karen is an author, writing mentor, and frequent contributor to the Finding God Daily blog. Visit Karen on the web at, on Facebook or follow on Twitter: @karenoconnor

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