Finding God in Choir Practice

By Lane P. Jordan:

It may seem strange to be “finding” God in a choir practice!  Isn’t He supposed to be there all along?


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But tonight, as I studied the songs, practiced the notes and thought about what I was singing I suddenly sensed His divine presence.

Yes, I was in a very large auditorium.  Yes, the flood lights were in full “light” mode.  But the sweetness of the moments as I sang praises to the great I Am made me fully aware that God is real.  He really is with us.  He really loves us.  And He inhabits the praise of His people!

Even though I was doing a “church” activity, I could put self aside and be able to just worship and praise our God.  He is mighty to save and mighty to serve.  Oh how I hope each person who does a task in church, whether it’s sitting in a pew or serving, finds God.

And that’s all He wants.

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Find God in Silence

By Lane P. Jordan:

Sometimes we find God best in silence.


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Image: photostock /

Today was like any other day at church.  We sat in our usual spot.  We sang songs.  The collection plate was passed around.  And then nothing happened.

No one went up to the platform.  People moved uncomfortably in their seats.

And then, on the big video screens, were words.  Words typed into the system by the pastor.

He started typing the sermon he wanted us to feel, not hear.

You see, we all have too much noise in our life, he wrote. Too much going on.  From work to chores to school to family to drama to problems, our lifestyles cause us too much noise.

We need to ask ourselves:  Are we so busy that we can’t find God in our daily lives?

Are you so busy that you are missing the voice of God?

How are we going hear God when He speaks if we aren’t listening?

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

God tells us to be still.  To be quiet.  So we can hear His voice.

This Sunday, I found God in that silence.  And what was even more remarkable, I found joy coming out from my Spirit.  It was as if all the unimportant things stopped and the important part of being with God was heard and felt.

Why not stop right now and listen for the voice of God in your life?

Enjoy this video with Dr. Charles Stanley, on how to teach yourself and your kids to listen to God:

@Lane_Jordan.  Lane is a bestselling author, national speaker, singer, certified life coach and contributor to the Finding God Daily blog.  Visit Lane on her web at


Finding God in Mentoring; How to Disciple

By Karen O’Connor:

 Do you find God as you think about mentors who have blessed  and helped you?  Do you wonder how to disciple others?

As you think about those who have mentored you, consider how to disciple–or mentor–others, to nurture their faith in Jesus and help them through struggles in daily life.
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I look back on my life I see a host of people who have helped me find God as they have mentored me. From my kindergarten teacher to my counselor in college and beyond, women and men have spoken into my life in a way that has helped me grow, thrive, and then give back to others what was given to me.

One woman I spoke with regularly on the phone when I was new in my faith-walk. Day after day she would listen to my worries and problems and then point me to a Bible verse  that would help me aspire to a higher level of living—one where I would lean on God instead of on myself. Sometimes just her example was enough. She ‘preached’ without saying a word!

“. . . Teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live,

not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good.

Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children,

to be self-controlled and pure . . .” (Titus 2: 3-5 in the Bible)

After many years of growing in my faith, I met a young woman who reminded me of myself. She had been divorced, struggled with finances, and felt challenged by her role as a mom to two young men. I could see that it was my turn to give back some of the good that my mentor had given me so long ago.

Today she and I meet for lunch or coffee once a month and we talk about life, about God’s promises found in the Bible and about some of the steps each of us can take to live a more satisfying and spiritually mature life. It feels good to share with her my experience, hope, and faith in God and then watch her make progress on her own path.

Finding God in my own mentors has helped me become the kind of mentor that will draw others to God, just as mine did for me. If you feel a call to encourage, the following video and website provides tips on how to disciple effectively and be good mentor.

Enjoy this informative YouTube video from Roy Comstock at the Christian Mentors Network:

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