Finding God in Choir Practice

By Lane P. Jordan:

It may seem strange to be “finding” God in a choir practice!  Isn’t He supposed to be there all along?


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But tonight, as I studied the songs, practiced the notes and thought about what I was singing I suddenly sensed His divine presence.

Yes, I was in a very large auditorium.  Yes, the flood lights were in full “light” mode.  But the sweetness of the moments as I sang praises to the great I Am made me fully aware that God is real.  He really is with us.  He really loves us.  And He inhabits the praise of His people!

Even though I was doing a “church” activity, I could put self aside and be able to just worship and praise our God.  He is mighty to save and mighty to serve.  Oh how I hope each person who does a task in church, whether it’s sitting in a pew or serving, finds God.

And that’s all He wants.

@Lane P. Jordan.  Lane is a bestselling author, national speaker, singer, certified life coach and contributor to the Finding God Daily blog.  Visit Lane on her web at 

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