Find God in the Movie DVD and Book: Unconditional

By Dianne E. Butts:

 It doesn’t take much imagination to find God in the movie: Unconditional (available  on DVD).


Unconditional the Movie

“The movie tells the story, inspired by true events, of Samantha (Lynn Collins) who loses her husband in a tragic and senseless act of violence,” wrote Jennifer Brett in an article for The Buzz on

An article on The Examiner by Kathryn Darden says, “Following the shooting, Sam’s world falls apart. She loses her faith and returns to the place her husband was shot to kill herself.”

The Buzz article continued, “Her despair nearly drives her to ruin when a chance encounter reunites her with her beloved childhood friend Joe Bradford.”

The real Joe Bradford is now known as “Papa Joe” because of his work with underprivileged children. “Unconditional” was produced in Nashville where Joe Bradford still lives and works with kids. He runs a ministry called Elijah’s Heart that “supports a citywide multi-racial choir and helps organize food and clothing drives,” the article says.

In the movie Joe Bradford is played by actor Michael Ealy opposite Lynn Collins portraying Samantha Crawford.

The Examiner said, “‘Unconditional’ deals with themes of reconciliation, second chances, forgiveness, and sacrifice.”

The Buzz article reported, “Ealy said ‘Unconditional’ is the first faith-based film he’s been involved with, but the movie’s uplifting theme is universal.”

Following the movie, the story of Unconditional has also been written as a novel by Christian author Eva Maria Everson which released from B&H Books in September.

The movie’s web site, Unconditional the, says the movie will release on DVD and Blue Ray soon, so many more people may find God in the movie Unconditional.

Video: View the movie trailer here:

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