Find God in Marriage: Quotes Plus Marriage Book Review

By Karen O’Connor:

Here are a few great marriage quotes Karen O’Connor heard from other women, plus our recommendation for a new great marriage book by Poppy Smith:


Recommended: Why Can't He Be More Like Me? by Poppy Smith

Several years ago I asked four women friends who had been married a long time—some over fifty years—their secret to a solid relationship. I’ll never forget what what I learned and how their answers helped me to find God in marriage–my own marriage.

“I remember how God has proven himself worthy and faithful in the past,” said Corinne, “and that keeps me going forward.”

Joan added her perspective. “I stay open-minded and keep a sense of humor.” She admitted to being a perfectionist so “it’s important to laugh at mistakes, smile at misunderstandings, and chuckle at misdeeds, especially when neither of us means to hurt one another.”

Barbara shared her secret: “I gave up my right to be right. I realized that my husband is just being himself. He’s not trying to fight me. When I began to see him in that light, I saw what a precious person he is.”

Mabel said simply, “I’m committed because I desire to be.” She said yes to her husband’s proposal many years ago and never looked back or second-guessed her decision. That, she added, has kept them going and continuing to love one another for over five decades.”

I went home filled with new inspiration as I committed to find God in my marriage and to see what a precious person my husband is just the way God made him.

For more encouragement, I turned to the following article by Mary Fairchild on how to keep your marriage strong and healthy: 5 Steps to Building Your Christian Marriage.

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Also recommended (by Laurie, Finding God Daily editor): the terrific new marriage book by Poppy Smith: Why Can’t He Be More Like Me? 9 Secrets to Understanding Your Husband.

Chapter titles include: He’s Not My Clone!, His Brain Isn’t Wired Like Mine and When I Say This, He Hears That. Here’s a funny note from the back of the book:  Q: “What do you and your husband have in common?” A: “We got married on the same day.” Poppy offers great examples that show how conflict often occurs and reveal how to overcome problems to strengthen marriages.

Most marriages start with romance and a promise to cherish. Here’s one proposal that should make you smile, titled: Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!, submitted to a contest by MattandGinny. If your marriage is struggling, can you think back to your proposal and the person you loved the day you married? How can you recapture your appreciation of him or her?

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