Finding God in the Battles

By Deborah Lovett:

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Recently I was struggling with some immense difficulties. Yet while taking notes of lessons learned in the process,  I ended up finding God in the battles.

Please allow me to share my lessons with you while they are fresh in my mind.  We can be strategic in our battle plans, or we can assume the fetal position and hope for the best. I suggest the former instead of the latter!

I don’t think God told us to “fight the good fight of faith” for nothing. But how do we do that?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Believe. Believe God is good. Look for open doors and ask Him to shut doors He doesn’t want you to go through. Ask for a narrow path. Look for His eternal perspective; watch for where He is moving and where He is not. He will not play games. He will not try and make you guess. Delays, rerouting and disappointments may be trying to point you in a new direction. Listen up.
  2. Pray. Find friends who will hang with you in prayer until the battle is over. Pray each day, all day. Pray on the phone with a friend long distance. Pray in person with those close by. Pray with your family.
  3. Fast. Fast as long and as hard as God directs. I fasted many days through each day until dinner, then ate a light meal. God may ask you to fast all day, or fast from something like television or movies.
  4. Repent. Give up all known sin. This is essential. God is serious and so is the enemy. Show God you are more serious about winning the battle by putting away all idols.
  5. Praise. Worship and give thanks to God with music in your car, and in your home. Play it anywhere and everywhere you can. (Psalm 23:3 says that God inhabits the praises of his people.)
  6. Digest. Read the Word of God daily. It is not called a double-edged sword for nothing! Use it to do battle!
  7. Focus. Do not get distracted when the enemy turns up the heat. Keep your focus and keep calm. Remember God will fight this battle for you, with you, and after you. Center your attention on trusting Him when things go haywire, remembering are probably getting close to a breakthrough!
  8. Speak. Watch what you say and how you say it. Say what you believe God is giving you, out loud and in faith. Do not believe those who try to steal the blessing God is going to give you as you persevere.
  9. Persevere!  In all things stand firm! Keep going! Don’t give up!
  10. Remember. Jesus died and shed His blood so we could have victory, not be victims. The battle is won through unity in the spirit. Plead the blood of Jesus’ victory over sin and death over your own situation. Ask the spirit for wisdom for the strategy that will bring you victory in your situation! Then be obedient!

I am dancing in my high-heeled victory boots today!  Praising God!  Reaching for the heavens! I have had some huge battles in my life. I can see how finding God in the battles brings restoration along the way. My hope is that you will too.

Would you do me a favor? Pass this along to someone in the battle today. Pray for them as you email it to them or print it out and give it to them. God never wastes a thing. He is always good.

Love always, Deborah Lovett

©Deborah Lovett. Deborah is an author and speaker for Women’s Events. Contact Deborah at for more information and to read about her book  Gushing Springs, which contains some amazing God stories.

Enjoy this inspiring song and lyrics from Laura Hackett (produced by Forerunner Music and International House of Prayer-Kansas City).

You can download Laura’s song, I Put on Christ, on iTunes. See also this great interview with Laura (on vimeo) about what inspired her to write that song.

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