Finding God at the National Prayer Breakfast

By Dianne E. Butts

Photo by kalierin

On February 2nd, President Barack Obama spoke to an audience of 3,000 people, including religious leaders, about how his Christian beliefs shape his policies. Whether you agree with the President’s policies or not doesn’t matter as much as finding God at the National Prayer Breakfast.

I didn’t get to hear all of the President’s speech, but I heard the end of it and a story he recounted of meeting with the Reverend Bill Graham, a preacher who has met with and prayed with many Presidents of the United States. An online article at The Washington Post relayed that part of the President’s speech.

The president also recounted his own path to faith after growing up in a household “that wasn’t particularly religious.” He said he begins each morning with a prayer, and he concluded with a personal anecdote about a day when, while vacationing as president in North Carolina, he made a pilgrimage to a mountaintop retreat to visit the Rev. Billy Graham, who was 91 years old at the time.

Graham prayed for Obama, the president recalled, and then Obama returned the favor.

“I didn’t really know what to say,” Obama said. “What do you pray for when it comes to the man who has prayed for so many? But like that verse in Romans, the Holy Spirit interceded when I didn’t know quite what to say. And so I prayed — briefly, but I prayed from the heart.”

He added: “I have fallen on my knees with great regularity since that moment — asking God for guidance not just in my personal life and my Christian walk, but in the life of this nation and in the values that hold us together and keep us strong.”

We know that the God of all hears and answers prayers, and so we know He is guiding the steps of our President and our nation. Sometimes it appears that our world might be spinning out of control. But we can find comfort knowing nothing is out of His control.

It is good to stop for a moment or for a breakfast and pray and listen. For one breakfast a year in February, we can pause and watch as the President speaks to many leaders and we can notice that many are finding God at the National Prayer Breakfast.

 ©Dianne E. Butts has over 275 articles and short fiction in more than fifty publications and eighteen books, and is a regular contributor to Finding God Daily. 

See the full video of the National Prayer Breakfast on C-SPAN, which includes a description of the event’s history, the president’s speech, and speeches by other national leaders.

Also, enjoy this video with the song “Deeper in Love” from the  CD Throne of God 2, by Mike Brumback with the IHOP Worship team of Kansas City: Beauty Realm Ministries.

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