Finding God Through Your Dog

Dianne Butts

Are you finding God through your dog?  Wendy Francisco does. She wrote the popular song “GoD and DoG.” She has even explained line by line why she wrote what she wrote in the song. Wendy says:

“The main reason I wrote God and Dog is that humans naturally seem to think of God as a Zeus-like judgemental guy – and that you have to walk on eggshells or he will pitch some lightening at you, and then turn in an offended huff and leave you. Then we form religions and present this wrong idea of God in an organized and seemingly well founded way. But God loves people, knows each of us deeply, and longs to be close to every one of us.”

Wendy also sings of both God and Dog, “They would stay with me all day. I’m the one who walks away.”

She says, “Many people think they have failed and that God has left them. So they leave God. Crazy, but quite common. But God loves us in spite of what we consider to be our failures.”

Here’s Wendy’s delightful video of her singing her song about finding God through your dog:

To see more about Wendy’s thoughts behing Dog and God, click HERE. 

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