Finding God with Carrie Underwood

Photo of Carrie Underwood, used by permission from Wikipedia

By Linda Evans Shepherd

I once heard that Carrie Underwood was not a believer and I was saddened that someone who sang Jesus Take the Wheel would not be a person of faith. But the rumor proved false. How glad I am to find out Carrie is indeed a person with a vibrant faith, and yes, her fans are finding God with Carrie Underwood.  As Carrie told Fox411′s Pop Tarts,

    “I grew up in church and have a wonderful family that always supported that. I grew up going to church camp and reading my bible and having different faith books and movies in my life.”

Though Carrie is a singer-songwriter and actress who rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol, in 2005, she is also down to earth and explains,

    “I live a boring life away from what you see me on camera doing, I’m just the most normal person on the universe. I’m a wife, a mother to my doggies, I’m a maid, I clean the house, I’m pretty boring. We don’t ever go out to eat, we don’t do anything,” she added. “As Carrie the person, I wander around in sweatpants, and when I have to be ‘Carrie Underwood’ I have to look (dressed up.) It’s like a big personality, if I look like this, and always wear makeup; my friends would be like, ‘What are you doing? We’re going to TGI Friday’s, what’s up with this?’”

When I recently sat behind Carrie on a Sourhwest flight to Saint Louis, I couldn’t believe a country and western princess would be sitting in coach, and I didn’t believe it was really her, that is, until I realized she was coming into town to sing at the baseball stadium that night.

I’m delighted that Soul Surfer movie goers and country and western fans are finding God with Carrie Underwood. If you would like to hear Carrie sing How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill, watch below.  The performance is most inspiring.

To see the original source article and related videos from Fox News, click HERE.

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