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Linda Evans Shepherd

Welcome to Finding God Daily. Together with visitors like you, we are building the biggest and best collection of news, helps and articles about finding God in the Bible, in science, in difficult times as well as finding God’s will, God’s love, and more. Finding God Daily is brought to you by Right to the Heart’s God Test. How well do you know God?

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  1. Jennifer Fender says:

    Dear Linda
    My life has changed drastically since I got your book~ When you don’t know what to pray. I have dogeared the pages with prayers and read/prayed them everyday. Thank you for every word,thank you for helping me find new closeness to God. Thank you for teaching me the peace that comes when you trust God with your circumstances. May God bless you richly.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      I’m so thrilled to hear your report. I’m so glad the book helped you so.
      And blessings right back at ya!
      Linda Evans Shepherd

  2. keijo leppioja says:

    So fantastic to live with grace in every the day in new touch and he will cover us as a clouds of heaven and we see how steadfast alltings are in Christ with us and finding drinks of best living water in Christ daily with a food of Christ and be thankful for today again for love of God,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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