Finding God in Science

Finding God in Science

Are they really finding God in science?

In many cases, yes. But in addition, believe it or not, they are finding God in many scientists. A new study from Rice University claims the gap between scientists and religion is not as far as most people think. But at issue most often is conflicting theories concerning the origin of the earth.

    According to an article in the Christian Post, sociologist Elaine Howard Ecklund, lead author for the new study released this week, said, “The fresh look into the issue reveals only 15 percent of those surveyed view religion and science as always in conflict. Another 15 percent said the two are never in conflict, and 70 percent believe religion and science are only sometimes in conflict. About half of those interviewed said they identified with a particular religion.”

This means what exactly?

Ecklund explains, “The kind of narrow research available on religion and science seems to ask if they are in conflict or not, when it should really ask the conditions under which they are in conflict. Our research has found that even within the same person, there can be different views. It’s very important to dispel the myth that people believe that religion and science either do or don’t conflict. Our study found that many people have much more nuanced views.”

So, in other words, a scientist can believe in God. Couple that with the fact that not all theories are at odds with the creation story of Genesis, and you might find God is a lot closer to scientists than most people believed.

Of course my theory is that the closer our scientists come to discovering the truth in ‘the matter’ the more the truth of God will matter in their personal lives, like the scientist featured in the video below. But in the end the evidence will prove that God, the ultimate scientist, believed in scientists all along.

To see more of the article from The Christian Post, click HERE.


Finding God through the Lord’s Prayer

Finding God in the Lord's Prayer

Are you Finding God Through the Lord’s Prayer?

One of my very favorite prayers, and role models for prayer is The Lord’s Prayer was taught by Jesus in Matthew Chapter 6. I agree with Sister Janet Lovell who says in BeliefNet that, “The meaning of the Our Father Prayer can change your life.”

Janet explains that the Lord’s prayer will accomplish many things, including:

      * Repentance


      * Study and read your Bible often


      * Depend on God to father you


    * Show respect to God

She also explains the meaning, verse by verse:

Our Father which art in heaven:

In humility you are acknowledging God as your true Father, one who is responsible to

      * Provide for you


      * Protect you


      * Comfort you


      * Counsel you


    * Take care of you

What is the roll of a father? Your true father, God, is there to do far beyond your expectations. You are also saying you believe your Father is a spirit only spiritual beings live in heaven. When you say the Our Father Prayer, expect God to Father you!!

Hollowed be thy name:

You are acknowledging God as pure and holy. If God is your Father, people must see His ways in you! You are acknowledging:

      * Respect for God


    * Showing reverence by the mention of His name

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven:

You are acknowledging the gift of the Holy Spirit that was given to you to help you accomplish God’s will and most importantly to be obedient. Obedience entitles you to call God your Father and not just your creator. The rules of heaven apply to you and you are acknowledging that fact! [On earth as it is in heaven]

Give us this day our daily bread:

      You are asking God to feed you with His word daily. (Be willing to learn) words do have power and we should use them well. Without the right teaching on the right food on daily bread which is the word; you will not be able to take authority over the problems in your life. You will end up with all kinds of sickness and disease and problems most often cause by a demon call stress.

If your spiritual body is not fed you will become weak if your physical body is not fed you also become weak the same concept goes for your spiritual body. The problem begins in the spiritual body!

A weak body cannot fight power and principality. Eat the right food daily. What food have you eaten daily? Or what spiritual food have you been eaten? Have you been eating well so that when your boss or spouse giving problems you will know what to do? God’s kingdom is not just words it is power.

Find the right church to be fed, but while you are not in church on a Sunday, lean to feed yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit while reading the bible.

This is a powerful prayer, one you can pray to the Lord right now as you reread the article. Or, better yet, watch and pray along with the words

And forgive those who trespass:

    You are acknowledging your imperfection, only God is truly good and only God is always perfect. You are asking for the forgiveness of sins. Only God is truly good. (Importance of repentance.)

As we forgive those who trespass against us:

    We are acknowledging that if we don’t forgive, we know that God will not forgive us. We forgive everyone who hurts us. Jesus knows the power of unforgiveness, so the Lord’s Prayer help you to take authority over that spirit that keeps you from prosperity.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil:

      You are asking the Holy Spirit to counsel you each day and to help you walk in the path of righteousness.

You know your faults. If you willing to give them up God will help you! You are also asking God to lead you through away from sin. (You first sin in your thoughts. Sin is a state of mind.)

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever, Amen:

      You are saying to God:


      * He is all powerful


      * He can do all things


      * He has the final say


      * He is all knowing (He is in control)


    * All power belongs to Him

You are saying God can do what He says He can do!

Please believe and understand the Lord’s Prayer as it will make a difference in your life.In fact, why don’t you take a moment to sing along with 2-year-old Zoey to pray this prayer for yourself:

Youll discover you are finding God through the Lord’s prayer whenever you sing or say it from your heart.

To see the original article, click HERE.

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