Finding God is Easy on Twitter

Finding God is easy on Twitter?

True, it’s easier to find God on Twitter than other social media meeting place. The Christian Post reports, “Twitter’s Trend list tracks the 10 most tweeted words or phrases, and the phrase “God Loves You” appeared on the list early Wednesday afternoon.”

This is especially interesting after a report earlier this week said that other media outlets such as Google often censor ‘Christian-related’ content.

So what are people posting? Also, according to the Christian Post, users are reminding their friends and families that “God Loves You” and to stay encouraged throughout the week.

Also, interesting to note, #God love you is a common ‘hash-marked’ phrase.

So, if you want a safe place to remind your friends and family that God loves them, tweet away. For it’s fun to remind people #God love you too!

For more on this article from the Christian Post, click HERE.

Watch Chonda Pierce sing about finding God’s love.


Finding God in a Discussion of Hell

Book by Brian Jones

Is there any finding God in a discussion of hell?

Well, there’s certainly a lot of talk about hell these days, and though author and pastor, Ron Bell, has admitted he does not believe in hell, there’s another pastor, Brian Jones from Christ’s Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia, who admits repenting from his secret belief that ‘hell is not real’ in his new book, Hell is Real, (But I Hate to Admit It.)

Jones originally lost both his faith and his belief in hell in Princeton Theological Seminary. His faith recovered, but his belief in hell didn’t, at least, not for a while. The Christian Post reports that for four years he led a church, keeping his belief on hell a secret, even from his wife.

And believing in hell has made all the difference in his ministry. In his early years as a pastor, Jones never baptised any new believers into his church. But now that his theology is back on track, he’s seen 1,100 people come to faith in the last four years. When the Christian Post asked Jones what the main point he wanted people to take from his book, he said,

    “The main point I want people to take away is hell is real and it is really hard to stomach, but God loves us with such an amazing love that we have to tell people about that. Hell is not the point, heaven is the point. Loving people into heaven in a gracious and humble way. If this resource can be a wakeup call to get people to understand the logic and framework of hell, to translate that into tomorrow morning getting up and viewing their neighbor differently, viewing their non-Christian husband or wife differently, their kids, their co-workers and actually doing something about it in a gracious, loving, non-creepy way. I would be so thrilled if I can help in some small way contribute that to their spiritual walk.”

So, according to Jones, it appears that people are less interested in coming to God if they don’t believe their faith will make a difference in their eternal destiny. So finding God in a disscussion of hell may be a good start in finding a vibrant relationship with God that will change your life, not only in eternity, but right here on earth.

Here is a video that explains Brian’s position.

For more on this article from the Christian Post, click HERE.


Finding God Again with Joel Osteen

Could it be time for you to work at finding God again? Watch Finding God Again with Joel Osteen so that you can do just that.

With the signs of the times, making an effort on finding God again could be very important in how you successfully face the future.

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