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Great finding God quote with a profound reason why some people are having trouble finding God.

“Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman.” ~Author Unknown


Are you Finding God in Difficult Times?

I love this song, Strong Enough, by Matthew West. It tells the secret of finding God in difficult times.

It’s true, it helps to find God when circumstances get rough. Finding God in difficult times is the best way to survive any dilemma.


Finding God’s Radiance in Your Life

Here’s a great review with practical applications of Matt Redman’s new book Mirror Ball: Living Boldly and Shining Brightly for the Glory of God (David C. Cook, 2011). But the thing that I like about this review and book is that it’s about learning how to incorporate worship into your everyday life. As for me, learning how to worship God in my daily walk, is one of the highlights of my daily relationship with finding God. Try it!

From Crosswalk:

“People living in the darkness of this fallen world urgently need to see God’s radiant light. But they can’t look directly on God in heaven. Instead, they discover God when they see His light reflected in the lives of those who are already connected to Him: Christians, just like you.

When you pursue God with a passion, His light grows brighter in your life, reflecting His brilliance to others and drawing them toward Him, out of the darkness. Your one life may seem as small as a disco mirror ball dwarfed inside a large room filled with needy people. But when God illuminates you, you can reflect His radiance powerfully in all directions.

Here’s how you can reflect God’s radiance in your life:

Give your all to the One who gave His all for you. Consider how much love God gives to you – so much that He was willing to come to Earth as Jesus to die for your sins to save you. Then let your gratitude for God’s supremely generous love motivate you to devote yourself to Him wholeheartedly. When you make your relationship with God the center of your life, revolving everything else around it, all will be properly balanced for God’s blessings to flow unhindered into your life. Be willing to faithfully follow where God leads you – even when doing so will be inconvenient or painful – trusting God’s promise that He wants what’s best for you.”…/reflect-god-s-radiance-in-your-life.html

Click on the link above to get even more great tips on how to incorporate worship into your life. When you do, you’ll start to see that finding God is easier than you could ever imagine.

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