Finding God on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson’s thoughts on the Alzheimer Spouse Dilemma

Talk about trying to find God in controversy; the comments Pat Robertson made recently on The 700 Club has created a firestorm of debate, including this latest opinion from The Washington Post.

Of course, I personally believe that Pat is suffering from a severe lapse of judgment regarding his advice to Andrea, who wanted to know if it was okay for her neighbor to divorce his wife who is suffering from Alzheimers.

While it’s true that an Alzheimer’s patients eventually forget even their spouses, it’s also true that God would want the unstricken spouse to respond to the stricken spouse with both love and compassion. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” also applies to the one you married, regardless of their health status.


From the Washington Post: Recently, a woman named “Andreas” visited the Web site of Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club, clicked the “Bring It On” link and submitted a question to Pat in hopes that the Grand Evangelical Poobah would grant her a live, unscripted, rambling answer from the Almighty. Miraculously, the prayers of “Andreas” were answered last week when somebody–an intern? A producer? Jesus?–at The 700 Club plucked her inquiry from the box of unanswered questions and handed it to the show’s cohost Terry Meeuwsen to read aloud to Pat.

“Dear Pat,” read Terry, “I have a friend whose wife suffers from Alzheimer’s…”

As soon as “Andreas”–whose name I like to imagine is really Pam or Sherry–heard Terry read that first line, I suspect she turned up the volume on her TV so she could hear how God (through Pat) would answer her question.

Terry continued, “… She doesn’t even recognize him anymore… the marriage has been rough. My friend has gotten bitter at God… and now he’s started seeing another woman. He says that he should be allowed to see other people, because his wife as he knows her is gone. I’m not quite sure what to tell him.”

I think we will find God when we find the compassion and love to do the right thing. But how about you, what are your thoughts on finding God in this issue.

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