Finding God in Worship

Are you finding God in worship? You know, there’s a right and wrong way to worship God and unfortunately we sometimes do not worship him with our whole heart, as this GodTube parody demontrates.

Though it’s good for a couple of chuckles, it also makes us think.  Click on the link to see what I’m talking about.

Who is finding God when they worship him like this?


Finding God’s Love Down to our Roots

The following article takes a wonderful lesson from a wild fig tree that grows in Echo Caves in South Africa. It’s a wonderful reminder that if we are rooted in God’s love, we will be able to survive the storms of life.  It’s all about finding God’s love for us.

Near Mpumalanga, South Africa, are the marvelous and mysterious Echo Caves. Rediscovered in the last century and turned into a tourist site, these caverns are home to a truly remarkable ecosystem. One of the more amazing species found there is the wild fig tree.

As far as plant life goes, these fig trees appear to be normal run-of-the-mill fruit bushes. What makes them so famous is the unseen: their roots.

Researchers and spelunking scientists have followed the roots of these trees deep into Echo Caves — 400 feet deep, to be precise — the deepest known root system in the world.

These trees have survived and thrived in an arid climate for decades, employing an unparalleled root system to wring hydration from the deep, rocky soil. This is more than a science lesson; it’s a lesson for life, as you probably know a person (or a few people if you are really lucky) not unlike the wild fig trees of Echo Caves.

Their environment is harsh. They have endured the drought of loss, injustice and suffering. Their circumstances have been fiery, downright oppressive. The soil that life has given them is rocky and as hard as concrete. Yet, somehow, they survive and thrive. Their roots must be incredibly deep.

But deep into what? Maybe the Apostle Paul gives the best answer in a beautiful first-century prayer: “I pray your roots will grow down deep into God’s love and keep you strong.” Or as Viktor Frankl said it, “The salvation of man is through love and in love.”

It seems to me that those who endure, … To read more go to The Detroit News:’ll-find-survival–salvation-in-deep-roots-of-God’s-love#ixzz1YLiOh4eV

This lesson is a good reminder that when we go about finding God’s love, and allow that love to nourish us, we will be able to thrive even in difficult circumstances.

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Finding that God is my Hope – Anniesheart2 – Beliefnet Community

Read the words of Annie as she talks about the transformation that is taking place inside of her because of she is finding God’s love for her. How amazing it is that the more she gets in touch with God, the more peace she finds. Here’s a snipit of what she says, “I have realized how much more each day the importance of prayer in my life, and how the Lord has affected me in and what I do each day. How I try to make sure … to read more click…/god_is_my_hope

How has knowing God changed your life?

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