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Once you have a vibrant relationship with God, what happens if you throw it all away? Is it possible to recapture what you lost? Jame Flanagan thinks so. You can read his complete story on the link below.

A San Francisco Christian, James Flanagan, incarcerated for committing multiple crimes and awaiting a sentence, tells the story of how leaving church threw him


Tell us your story. How did you find God again?

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Finding God in The Three Greatest Questions Ever Asked

Do you know what the three greatest questions are? If you ask them, they might lead you to God. Read the link to the article below to discover what these questions are and if you indeed know the answers.

“They investigate the world, but to no avail for they cannot find out where we came from, our purpose or what happens when we die. Only the Word of God can satisfactorily answer these questions. Where did I come from? Without a doubt the most incredible Click here to visit the original source of this post

Now aren’t you glad you took a peek to see what these questions were all about. How satisfying to know that you can pass this test.



Finding a friend in Jesus

How tenderly the Lord loves us, as is demonstrated by the words of the beloved hymn, Take It To the Lord in Prayer. Click on the link before to read the rest or the following verse…

Take it to the Lord in prayer; “In his arms he’ll take and shield thee, Thou will find a solace there.” May you take time to sing these words as you gently rock back and forth. Know that you are loved by one who is never discouraged. Know that God is …

How awesome it is to know that we don’t have to carry the difficulties of this life by ourselves. Because of the Lord’s great love for us, he we carry our burdens for us, if we but ask. If you know the tune to this great old hymn, I hope you sing it to yourself, the rest of the day, as a great reminder of God’s great love for you.Click here to visit the original source of this post


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