Is Finding Jesus the Only Way to God?

By Charles Stanley | Christian Post Contributor Do you ever wonder if faith in Jesus is really the only way to be saved? Satan is a crafty liar who will twist God’s Word to cause confusion. In order to steer people away from following Christ, Click here to visit the original source of this post

What if he’s right? Are you willing to take the chance?



Finding God in Albert Einstein’s Explanation of Evil

Watch this youtube video that shows a young Albert Einstein findings on his teacher’s argument that God must also evil.  

Click the video link below and then share your opinion.

Could it be that when we are finding God in the hearts of those in our society, that evil will diminish?  Click on the link above to watch the video than share your comments.


Finding God at Rock Bottom

What happens when tragedy strikes and you get so angry at God you do everything you can to turn your back on him?  Click on the link to watch this short youtube video about what happened to one young man when finding God was the last thing he wanted to do.









Finding God in the Basement

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