Can Scientists Find God with a NASA Rocket?

There’s at least one scientist trying to find God with data from a NASA rocket, what do you think he’ll find?

By Vincent Funaro | Christian Post Reporter NASA has unveiled plans for its new “monster” rocket on Wednesday, which the space exploration agency hopes to use to find out how the solar system was formed. The new rocket called the Space Launch System …

If you could take a photo of God, would it be from the back of a rocket, or is the proof for God’s existence in the fact that you, the earth, and even the Universe exists at all? What do you think?

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Finding God in the Ashes

At least one pastor and congregation is finding God as they sift through the ashes of the Bastrop fire that destroyed many of their homes. Do you think it’s strange that they feel close to God at a time like this?

By Meagan Johnson | Christian Post Reporter A Texas Southern Baptist pastor who lost his home in the wildfires views the destruction as an opportunity for him and church members to witness to the community about their unshakable faith and dependence on Click here to visit the original source of this post

Perhaps it’s the refining fire that turns our lives into pure gold. That’s why it’s possible to not only find God in the ruble, but to follow him through the flames.


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